June 5, 2017

Seasonal Announcements


Tai Chi in the Park –This is a time to play and practice; new movements will not be taught at these sessions. These free events begin at 7PM. Feel free to bring family or friends interested in tai chi. Local trainers will lead the sessions.        *Sessions may be canceled if the weather does not cooperate
7:00pm Trapp Farm Park, Eagan, led by Jeannine – July 12 and Aug 21
7:00pm, Dakota Heights Park, Lakeville, led by Trish – July 25 and Aug 16
7:00pm Newell Park, St. Paul, led by Bruce – July 20 and Aug 1

Summer and the Fire Element
Summer’s fire element burns the wood of spring, transforming it into energy and activity. It is the most Yang of the seasons. The Fire element is associated with Joy and passion. Weakness in this element can manifest in anxiety, sorrow and stress.

The Heart and Small Intestine are the summer organs. The Heart is the center of emotion and spirit, the connection between the human and the divine, the yin and yang. It is considered the ruler of the organs. The Small Intestine is connected with judgment, separating pure from impure, truth from untruth. It is our “gut instinct.”

Enjoying time outdoors in the sun, fresh produce of the season, and outdoor exercise will enhance health in the fire element.


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