Shiba Louhan Gong


Shiba Luohan Gong is a dynamic qigong set attributed to Bodidharma 1,500 years ago.  This is a muscle and tendon changing set which uses stretching and strengthening moves to energize the body, condition the muscles and joints and circulate qi. Alternate tensing and relaxing of the muscles improve circulation and promote health and vitality.

Students of Shiba Luohan notice results quickly, as well as continuing results with practice. Those with arthritis may benefit as well. However, this set is not recommended for physically challenged individuals.
Level 2-4

Shiba Luohan Level One – 6 week class focusing on movements 1 -6, plus the Closing.

Shiba Luohan Level Two – 12 week class focusing on movements 7 – 18, including
practice of 1 -6.

“Shiba Luohan has improved my flexibility tremendously! I am also experiencing better balance and posture! I just feel better in all aspects!”
~ Kira R

Demonstration of the first two movements of the Shiba Luohan Gong set. It is recommended that you don’t try these without instruction for safety.

Shiba Luohan