Yang 24


The Yang 24 form is the most well known and practiced form of Tai Chi in the world today.
Developed in 1956 in by the Chinese Sports Committee, this standardized form is based on traditional Yang style movements. The form is rounded, fluid and elegant, good for cultivating, health, increasing strength and flexibility and decreasing stress.
Most students require more than one class session (series of 8 classes) to learn the choreography of the form. Further study is required to refine forms and add principles and depth.
Class will include Yang style walking drills and Qigong.
Jeannine Robinett, Certified Instructor and Senior Trainer for TCHI, is a teaching assistant
Grant Ebeling, Certified Instructor, is a teaching assistant
Level 1-3

“After retiring from 25 years of hard style martial arts practice, I sought out a local, authentic soft style school.  When I discovered Crane Tiger Tai Chi is an extension of Dr. Paul Lam’s organization, it confirmed their basis.  I find their instructors both know and understand the forms they teach.  The instruction is authentic, not simply ‘wave hands feel good’ tai chi.”
~ Don H