Yang 40


The Yang 40 class is designed for those who have studied the Yang 24 form and are interested in studying Yang style Tai Chi and its principles in more depth.
The Yang 40 form is derived from the Traditional 108 form, but is more compact, eliminating repetitions of movements, yet containing all the essential forms, their techniques and internal energy.
This class is a continuing exploration of Yang style Tai Chi. The choreography may be learned in about 6 months, but greater understanding and skill are achieved with continuing study. Class will include Yang style walking drills and Qigong.

Jeannine Robinett, certified instructor and Senior Trainer, is a teaching assistant for this class.
Level 3-4

“A great class and really enjoyable form.  I learn a lot of new things every single time and always leave class feeling better then when I started.”
~ Mike D.


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